My methodology consists of utilising seductive found materials, which I collect ‘magpie fashion’ arranging and reshuffling my materials in an undirected process of creation. These are found materials gathered in an unpremeditated way and so can never fully become the element of anatomy or landscape which they represent.

In this way I can explore the multifarious relationships between these materials and shapes, allowing for synchronicity and chance in order to facilitate fortuitous and unheralded connections in my and the viewers’ perceptions.

I thereby aim to create a thought provoking contrast between the complex contents and a surface simplicity of form. The images are bright, seductive and fun which juxtaposes perversely with the challenging and often harrowing fragility and vulnerabilities of the content.

This results in a dense image, pregnant with potential narrative meanings, which impacts emotionally with the viewer. One is invited to explore one’s own version of what is happening, to actualise what exists in a kind of quantum state, until the moment when it is observed. Allowing the viewer an arena with which to play, explore and investigate the nature of their own existence.

Such suggestions are meant to involve the onlooker. Indeed, the responses which my pieces induce is not merely deciphering signs, but bringing provisional, ephemeral completion to the work, so that the viewer takes part in the creative process itself. One central aspect of my work lies in its resilience to single interpretations, in its resistance to closure.

designed by grish art